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The instructors who you will work with at Spark are comprehensively trained, experienced and passionate about safe and efficient movement.  Not only do they focus on technical aspects, but they also help each client connect with their own body to provide just the right work at the right time for you.


“Mary is an enthusiastic student of Pilates.  Her knowledge is broad and deep.  She is smart, caring and an excellent teacher with an engaging sense of humor.  Working with Mary for two years has improved my balance, strength, flexibility and endurance.  I think of her as my "fountain of youth."


“Mary has a concern for both mind and body, making her the BEST at what she does professionally - and she is a lovely person besides.”


“Kathryn's sensitivity and attention to detail have given me the confidence and strength to learn to move with more grace and efficiency.”


“Jill makes every session personal and fun.  With great variety in her workouts, she is able to help me find balance and strength I didn't realize I had .”

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