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Challenging yourself opens the door to growth - and often that means hard work.  Our classes offer many physical benefits such as improved flexibility, strength, joint mobility/stability, posture and circulation. We believe there is no quick fix or short-cut to lifelong health and fitness.  It takes discipline, determination and patience.  The reward - a strong body, expanded heart and sharp mind.


Spark offers you a unique and impactful Pilates experience.  With expertly curated studio equipment, Pilates students receive the benefit of the best equipment for their specific needs.  By offering private, semi-private or group Pilates training sessions, you are assured that your sessions are customized to your needs and abilities, targeting both major and supporting muscle groups.  The guidance of your trainer will lead to ever increasing:

Lean muscle mass.  Improved core strength and stability.  Improved posture and balance.  Improved flexibility.  Healthy back muscles.  Flat abdominals.  Longer, leaner muscles with improved elasticity and joint mobility.  PILATES IS FOR EVERYONE

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Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling is a self-care and self-conditioning technique that uses specialized therapy balls to treat specific body parts. It is able to address multiple layers of tissue, including skin, fascia, muscle, and bone, as well as work with connective tissues, internal organs, and the nervous system. Body Rolling is for all levels and  is a carefully paced and empowering modality. 

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Yamuna Foot Fitness

Yamuna® Foot Fitness will create space in the foot by restoring length and width to the involved muscles and bones. Creating optimal space restores range of motion in all the joints of the feet. To make foot fitness easy we use foot wakers to restore healthy foot function by creating balance, flexibility, improving circulation, strength and proper gait (walking patterns).


Easy-to-learn exercises on the CoreAlign® emphasize an upright posture and are designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement. Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign® exercises facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing. CoreAlign® is a "go to" for gait training, great for performance enhancement and a regular exercise regimen for a healthy lifestyle.

CoreAlign® provides a unique and effective exercise program for clients of all fitness levels that integrates core training, upper/lower body strengthening, deep stretches and more. Balanced Body®, the manufacturers of CoreAlign®, guarantees you will feel a difference after just one workout!

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